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Gwiazdka nieaktywnaGwiazdka nieaktywnaGwiazdka nieaktywnaGwiazdka nieaktywnaGwiazdka nieaktywna

at home - w domu, small flat - małe mieszkanie, it's = it is - to jest

not very nice - nie bardzo miłe, living room - salon, a cup of coffee - filiżanka kawy

because - ponieważ, doesn't = does not, doesn't know - nie wie

what to do? - co robić?

want to tell - chce powiedzieć, quiet life - ciche życie

look out - wypatrywać, towards - w kierunku, her house - jej dom

are walking towards her house - idą w kierunku jej domu


Judy is at home. She lives in a small flat near the bank. It's not very nice.

She's in the living room, drinking a cup of coffee and thinking.

Judy's very worried, because she doesn't know what to do. She loves Sam,

and she doesn't want to tell the police where he is.

But she doesn't want to go to Rio, either. She wants a quiet life.

Judy goes to the window and looks out. There's a police car in the street.

Two big policemen are walking towards her house.