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Gwiazdka nieaktywnaGwiazdka nieaktywnaGwiazdka nieaktywnaGwiazdka nieaktywnaGwiazdka nieaktywna

worried - zmartwiona, either - też, coast - wybrzeże, well - no cóż

near - blisko, friendly - przyjazny , miss - tęsknić, stay - pozostać

flight - lot, I'll = I will - będę, meet - spotkać, all - cała, wszystko


Judy is worried. She doesn't know where Sam is.

The bank manager doesn't know where Sam is, either.

He is very worried.

Sam is in Brasil in a small town on the coast near Rio de Janeiro, with fifty thausand pounds of the bank's money.

He is sitting in a bar near the beach, drinking a large Martini and writing a letter to Judy.


                    Rio, Tuesday


         Darling Judy,

         Well, here I am in Brasil. It's very warm here, and the sea is nice for swimming.

         The women here a beautiful, and very, very friendly. But I miss you, Judy.

         Please come and stay with me in Brasil. Can you take the 13:25 flight from London

         to Rio on April 14th ? I'll meet you at the airport.

        All my love,